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2017 Land Rover Discovery Review

2017 Land Rover Discovery front

The Land Rover Discovery has a long and well known past. Land Rover is preparing for the next generation of this all terrain luxurious SUV. It is expected that Land Rover will reinvent the Discovery’s external styling, making it look more like the Range Rover. Even then, Discovery will retain many of its distinctive features, and in so doing assist customers to identify it and also comfort its long time fans.

2017 Land Rover Defender Review, Price

2017 Land Rover Defender front

The 2017 Land Rover Defender is known to be an iconic vehicle that has evolved from since it came on the scene in the 1950’s. A lot of other trucks have been upgraded due to constant inventions in the automotive arena. The majority of folks that drive trucks are in the male population and so manufacturers take all this into consideration when updating their vehicles. Customers want a vehicle that will be fuel economy and backed with an immense horse power. The new Land Rover emanates an intimidating presence with a 2.0 liter unit for diesel only.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Review and Price

2016 Land Rover Discovery Front

2016 Land Rover Discovery represents the fifth generation, and it is scheduled for a big redesign.  Land Rover design director and chief creative officer Gerry McGovern discovered that Range Rover models, Land Rover Discovery and Defender are the top models of the brand and its primary focus.

2015 Land Rover Defender

2015 Land Rover Defender is probably the last year of its production. News about Defender’s end of life saddened everyone. This iconic SUV started its production in 1983, and was known by the name Land Rover 90 and the Land Rover 110, and eight years later, in 1991, it got its famous name Defender. After it was renamed, the Defender continue to carry the number marks 90 and 110 (numbers represented the wheelbase in inches) on its rear end.