2017 Honda Pilot Release date, Price, MPG

Despite the fact that Honda had presented its third generation of Pilot at Chicago auto show, it has not relented in any way, but has worked tirelessly to produce its newest version. The 2017 Honda Pilot comes with various remarkable changes and modifications that have made it possible to outshine the previous models. The new 2017 Honda Pilot has to offer a lot when it comes to the inside, exterior as well as the engine aspects to produce a vehicle that is worth every single penny. In terms of technology, this vehicle embraces the most recent technological advancements to produce qualities that the potential buyers have been yearning for.

2017 Honda Pilot front

2017 Honda Pilot Interior, Exterior

The smart look of this brand would not exist without mentioning some of the radical changes that has happened on the outside of this vehicle. The obvious tangible components happen to be the grilles and the headlights. They have been modeled in a way that forms an aesthetically pleasing view of this 2017 Honda Pilot. In terms of bodywork, the aluminum artwork offers this vehicle an incredibly low weight, hence an improved mpg than its predecessors.

The new cabin offers more comfort than the previous models, apart from the style of this vehicle, this brand comes with high quality materials and the installation of recent technology such as the audio streaming and Bluetooth, cruise control, touch screen and air conditioning facilities. Other infotainments are available for installation and they include things such as satellite- radio, DVD among other entertainment system. It is spacious and has three rows of seats hence comfort for passengers is guaranteed.

2017 Honda Pilot rear

2017 Honda Pilot Redesign

The 2017 Honda Pilot comes with a larger body compared to the current model. The added dimensions are meant to accommodate a bigger payload room inside. This brand comes with a three row of seats, these adjustments in the dimensions comes with other positive impacts such as the wheel base will be boosted and therefore enhancing the aerodynamics of this vehicle. The redesigns are meant to improve its basic characteristics and its torso capabilities.

2017 Honda Pilot interior

2017 Honda Pilot Release date, Price, Engine

The 2017 Honda Pilot will be capable of producing 290horse power and a torque of 267-pound feet. It is efficient as it will be using v6 engine of 3.5liters.the power transmission will be a 6 speed auto transmission in all wheel drive. It also comes with an option of a front wheel drive using CVT gearbox. The vehicle complies with the fuel economy through the use of VTEC. We expect this vehicle to hit the market in the early of 2016, at a price of about $30,000.

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