2017 GMC Granite Review, Engine

Long time ago, GMC presented a concept car known as GMC Granite. During that time, there was no one who believed that it could enter into a serial production. The 2017 GMC Granite came with a pretty unusual design having an extravagant interior, larger dimensions and a very innovative powertrain. The new 2017 GMC Granite model which will come in 2017 has been improved in terms of the exterior design, interior design as well as the powertrain.

2017 GMC Granite front

2017 GMC Granite Exterior, Interior design

The exterior design is probably the car’s biggest selling point since it looks unique. However, its production model will differ slightly from that of the concept car so as to be cheaper and easier to manufacture. Its front end with the massive grille, slim LED headlights and larger side air intakes are most likely going to be remain. However, the base model shall feature 16 or even the 17 inch rims. Conversely, the back end will be carried over while the rear doors will be replaced with the normal doors

As far as the interior design of 2017 GMC Granite is concerned, there aren’t any clear indications concerning what ought to be expected in terms of its styling. The 2016 model was expressly futuristic. A lot of people speculate that its cabin will be modern and sleek so as to properly complement its exterior. Nevertheless, the cabin will feature updated automotive technologies, several safety features, high quality trims and materials.

2017 GMC Granite rear

2017 GMC Granite Engine and performance

While it won’t be one of the rear wheel drive model, the 2017 GMC Granite will be offered with the 4-wheel drive as standard thus making the model one of the few alternatives for Subaru Forester. Under the hood, the car is expected to use of GM’s latest inline 4 units that range from 1.5 liter for the smallest unit up to 2 liter for the top models. The base Granite engine will be capable of producing up to 160 lb-ft of torque and 160 hp which is quite enough for the commuter vehicle. The top models could use of the 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 engines which can produce 300 horsepower. This will make the 2017 GMC Granite a car which can compete with the Jeep Renegade Track hawk. All the models are going to use of the latest nine-speed automatic transmission which GM has co-developed with The Ford Company.

2017 GMC Granite side

2017 GMC Granite Price and release date

The refreshed model of 2017 GMC Granite is expected to hit the market as early as March in 2017. The price for the new MC Granite is expected to be around 20,000 to 30,000 dollars depending on the variants that will be provided.

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