2017 Audi Q8 Interior, Exterior

Set to replace the spot Audi Q7 has held in the market, this automaker is at it again and this time with one of their own finest; the new 2017 Audi Q8. Interestingly, considering this car has not even been officially introduced to the public, it amazing how the excitement has already gripped the industry. Although, we have heard so many stories that this new mode is going to take after the Q7 model, we expect the designers to fine tune this machine and make it even better.

2017 Audi Q8 front

2017 Audi Q8 Exterior, Interior design

Although much of the styling and designing that is going to be done on the outside is going to be borrowed from the Q7 model, this car will come will be slightly longer with larger wheelbase. The front grille has also seen a few modifications; it is slightly larger than that of Q7. Expertly molded headlights, tail lights and a big grille will all give this new 2017 Audi Q8 a spectacular outside, making it more of sporty and aggressive at the same time.

The interior design is what is expected to be the climax and the highlight of this new Audi Q8. It is going be all about details and sophistication, and we expect the passengers to be the eventual winners. Passengers’ comfort will be given priority and soft and comfortable seats are going to make the inside. The inside will also come brimming with plenty of modern technology. There is going to be a touch screen with the latest infotainment system, satellite navigation, modern air conditioning, USB, Bluetooth, audio player, rear-view camera, traction control among other things. In short, the inside will be tailored-made to meet driver’s and passenger’s idea of a great car.

2017 Audi Q8 rear

2017 Audi Q8 Engine and performance

This 2017 Audi Q8 will receive a range of V6 and V8 engines, consisting of the company’s 3 liter and 4 liter TFSI and 3 Liter TDI. It does not even stop there; a hybrid plug-in version will also join the line up and is expected to carry a 4 liter twin V8 engine capable of generating a whooping 550 Horse Power.

2017 Audi Q8 interior

2017 Audi Q8 Price and release date

The company has not made any information about the price and release date public. However, we expect it to be available in a number of dealerships near you late 2016 and not later than early 2017. The price will slightly increase from the Q7 and buyers should expect something between $60,000 and $70,000. All in all, let’s not get excited yet; let’s be patient and wait for an official announcement by the company.

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