2016 Toyota 4Runner Review

One of the expected updates of 2WD and 4WD mid-sized SUV to be unveiled soon is the 2016 Toyota 4Runner. The current competition in automotive industry is very at the bar. No wonder every car manufacturer is trying to make more desirable cars. The new model will definitely bring up new designs and features that are your expectations. There will be a lot of changes regarding the design, total appearance and technology advancement. If you love sports cars, then 2016 Toyota 4Runner is a perfect choice for you. It has all the features that make it a premium sports car.

2016 Toyota 4Runner Front

2016 Toyota 4Runner Design

When you compare 2016 Toyota 4Runner with the previous model, this is a brilliant SUV with more renovated features that make it look more incredible. With the 7-inch display on the dashboard, car navigation is taken to another level. This will allow drivers to use the gprs systems with lots of ease.


The interior of 2016 Toyota 4Runner has been innovatively redesigned with excellent leather material fabrics. All this make it very comfortable and good looking as compared with the previous model. Other than having comfortable seats, the interior is equipped with a navigation system, Superb 8 speaker audio system and more features that make it a great car. 2016 Toyota 4Runner will adopt the 8-way steering wheel that will make it very easy to maneuver on any given terrain. The passenger seats are made to very comfortable. Being eight seats, it is a perfect family car and for wedding parties.


The designers understand why safe driving is necessary. They have done a lot by adding extra features for comfort ability and better handling. The appearance of this car will be enhanced with a larger grille which is a symbol of car transformation.

2016 Toyota 4Runner Interior

2016 Toyota 4Runner Engine

The 2016 Toyota 4Runner will run on 4.0 liter V6 to V8 engine. With these engine options, it will have the capacity to deliver more than 270 HP and over 250 lb per ft of torque. However, lots of reports speculate that V8 engine will be used. Since the prices of fossil fuels keep on increasing, this model will feature a fuel economizer. This will give it the ability to produce a lot of power with little amount of fuel. In addition, you will have the choice in your hands to choose either 2WD or 4WD for users who want standardized performance or more power.

2016 Toyota 4Runner Rear

2016 Toyota 4Runner release date and price

Toyota is yet to officially communicate the actual release date and price. However, 2016 Toyota 4Runner is expected to be on the market before fall 2016. Due to stiff competition from different cars on its class, the car price will be about $33,000. If you compare this model with other SUV brands from other companies, you will rate it as a serious competitor. Its performance will definitely beat most of its closest rivals.

If you are planning to buy 2016 Toyota 4Runner after it has been released, you will definitely get a lot from it. This is a nice car that is perfect choice for people who love the experience and comfort of high class. For people who are hungry with technology, you are offered instant technology in automobile adventure.

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