2016 Subaru Tribeca Redesign

Most of us enjoy watching a Subaru on the road. This is usually because of the magnificent style and class these 2016 Subaru Tribeca tend to display. Subaru is well known for its aggressive, yet elegant car designs. Anyone who has, at some point of their lives, seen a Subaru Impreza, knows exactly the feeling I’m trying to describe. The thing is, trends change. How will Subaru cars become in the next few years?

2016 Subaru Tribeca front

2016 Subaru Tribeca Review

The 2016 Subaru Tribeca proves how a good concept can be adapted to keep its original personality, while staying trendy as well. A quick glance at this car leaves you no doubt: you’re staring at a Subaru. Everything, from the main lights, to the rims makes it clear to you. Those features, just as the whole car body, seem to be the natural evolution from the current Subaru cars. The inside of the car is pretty classic, but, just as lots of new models, has a high gearshift, which is quite fashionable, lately.

Still, there are new details that give the Subaru Tribeca a very distinctive, updated look. The most visible one is the front. Every fog light has a brand new design, and, even if it might seem a bit unattractive, the front grill seems to fit perfectly between those LEDs. The rear ones might not seem too appealing, though.

2016 Subaru Tribeca rear

2016 Subaru Tribeca Redesign

Now that we know what kind of car are we looking at -a really attractive one, in fact-, let’s see what lies behind the hood. It seems like Subaru is planning to replace the current 3.6-liter engines, with 6 horizontal cylinders, for a totally new model. The 2016 Subaru Tribeca will be powered by an engine with 2.5-liter capacity and only 4 cylinders, which will most likely cause a decrease in the fuel consumption. This is a great announcement, as most of the criticism the Tribeca received was due to the inefficient engine it used to have. It will have a hybrid system, provided by Toyota, and new ecological injection features in order to reduce consumption even more.

To compensate the power loss that those changes might cause, Subaru is improving the transmission system. Those improvements will make the four-wheel drive be a vital feature of the car, which will be supported by a 4 wheel ABS. This may not be enough to make the car as powerful as previous models, but legislation forces companies to make more efficient cars and, after all, it seems that new ones are not as weak as some people predicted they would be.

2016 Subaru Tribeca side

2016 Subaru Tribeca Price and Release date

The 2016 Subaru Tribeca might be available for purchase around spring 2015, and with a price between 35,000$ and 37,000$. So, if you prefer good old, noisy, powerful cars, which could get from 0 to 60 mph in less time than they needed to completely empty the fuel tank, this new Tribeca is not the car for you. On the other hand, if you like ecological cars, but love the feeling of driving a SUV, this car might seem interesting to you.

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