2016 Skoda SUV Performance, Price

2016 Skoda SUV is an all-new model from the Czech brand. This model is announced couple of times now, and it is finally scheduled to be released as 2016 model. Company’s big plan to achieve 1.5 million global sales by 2018 will be fueled by this great new SUV. It will be positioned right above Skoda Yeti, and will be available with both five and seven seat configuration.

2016 Skoda SUV Front view

2016 Skoda SUV expectations

Skoda announced that new SUV will be a true off-roader with capabilities that could parry best SUVs on the market, such as Land Rover. The looks of the upcoming 2016 Skoda SUV will be combination of already known Skoda’s vehicles. Main style characteristics will be taken from Yeti and Superb models.

Beside this new, larger SUV, Skoda also plans to create a supermini-SUV, since there is a big interest for this kind of SUV on some markets. Whether Skoda will decide to enter this field or not, is still uncertain, but Skoda’s officials said that they are closely monitoring the situation. Bigger and wider demand for the larger SUVs put this model higher on a priority list.

2016 Skoda SUV performance

When it comes to power and performance qualities of the all new Skoda SUV, we can expect it to be only sure that it won’t be equipped with a V6. According to the words of Dr Vahland, Skoda’s CEO, V6 engine will not be placed under the hood of the latest SUV. In fact he said that Skoda plans to fully shift to more economical engines – four-cylinders, turbo engines.

2016 Skoda SUV Side

2016 Skoda SUV competition

Since we didn’t have a chance yet to see the specs of the vehicle, we will trust Skoda when it comes to competitors of 2016 Skoda SUV. Having in mind the price range, size and capabilities, new SUV will face Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento, as its closest rivals.

2016 Skoda SUV price & release

Pricing specs are not released, but are roughly determined. Pricing range of its rivals is approximately same as for Skoda’s 2016 SUV. New model price will start around $40,000. Release is expected during the second half of 2016.

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