2016 Mercedes GLK Review

Mercedes Benz is in preparation of releasing a new bruiser version of the compact GLK crossover. This model has been seen in European roads clothed in swirly wrap. In conjunction with its performance division, AMG, they are building a new plant to manufacture some models such as 2016 Mercedes GLK.

2016 Mercedes GLK Front

2016 Mercedes GLK Engine

2016 Mercedes GLK will be powered by twin-turbocharged 4.0 liter V8 engine. It is important to note that the torque and horsepower output numbers will differ from one car to another. However, it is expected that the engine will deliver more than 400 Hp. It will deliver a speed of about 7,000 rpm. Therefore, you can expect about 60 mph in less than five seconds. This engine is a mystery of modern technology. It is the very first Mercedes car with the hot V design and both its turbos packaged between cylinder heads. Therefore, it means the engine will have reverse-flow design, bringing in fresh air into the engine block via outside of cylinder heads. The main advantage of this engine is short distance exhaust gases, which must travel to spool turbos. You should note that the shorter, the better. The engine is paired with the seven speed automatic transmission system. In addition, there is a premium rear wheel drive setup that is available as the options many customers have been looking to. Based on the ever changing rumors, there is a great likelihood that it will have a diesel engine or even a hybrid system.

2016 Mercedes GLK Rear

2016 Mercedes GLK Style and Redesign

The 2016 Mercedes GLK will greatly share its architecture with the upcoming C Class. With its design, the car can squeeze the powerful engine under its hood. In addition, it can stretch and wider as the manufacturer has planned. In any case, this feature will not be that visible as its exterior will have a complete overhaul. 2016 Mercedes GLK dramatic visual changes from the robust design to rounded and softer design will make it look agile, modern and sportier. It is also important to note that this new model is larger and therefore it has an improved space, improved dashboard design and made of better quality materials.

2016 Mercedes GLK Interior

The interior of 2016 Mercedes GLK has been designed to be very nice than ever before. This has been made possible with the upright, boxy shape and the tall glasshouse. Its cabin feels airy and open. Moreover, the shade is retracted on the panoramic sunroof. Generally, the interior is very attractive and everything is well organized.

As far as safety is concerned, the car has full host of safety and infotainment technology. This includes the MBrace2 system. This is complemented with the spacious rear accommodations.

2016 Mercedes GLK Side

2016 Mercedes GLK Release date and price

The 2016 Mercedes GLK Crossover is scheduled to be released before the New York Auto Show. This makes its release to be before 2016. The exact price is yet to be communicated by the manufacturer, but it has been estimated to be going for around $40,000. However, the top setup, it is likely to be sold for double its price. Considering the savings you can make and huge bump in the fuel economy, it is expected the buyers will definitely enjoy what this will offer.

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