2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Changes and Price

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a new luxurious car that you should remember when thinking about upgrading your ride to look amazing with new features. The car have several enhancement as well as refinements features, which will make it among the best models that people should buy when looking for class and quality.

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Front

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee release date and price

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee should be ready for sale in March the year 2016 after its release into the market. On the price, the car will range between $ 30,250 and $32,650 immediately after its release into the market.

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Side

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee performance and fuel consumption

This Jeep Grand Cherokee should have new added features when compared to the previous model to enable it generates horsepower ranging from 240 HP to 470 HP and a torque of about 288 lb-ft. The power and energy will make it one of the best cars when looking for speed. Its engine will have a Limited 5.7L V8 in terms of power and this should make it one of the best options when looking for the best car to drive after its release. For instance, the car will have the ability to accelerate from zero to 50 miles in just 9.85 seconds that is better than the previous models in the market. In terms of fuel consumption, the car will consume less fuel when compared to the previous models. For example, the car will save up to 20 percent of fuel when compared to what the previous models have been consuming.

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee features

This Jeep Grand Cherokee will have interior and exterior specifications similar to the previous conventional designs that uses fuel for their propulsion. It will have ample space, stereo speakers, airbags, comfortable seats, CD changer, Bluetooth, and USB port together with other new modern entertainment systems to make the car look amazing. Other extra interior specs will be a rear & front parking camera, automatic braking systems and an interior LED lighting.

The car will also have a 5.8-inch navigation touchscreen where you will enjoy your favorite movies especially if you are driving for long distances. This should give you enough time to enjoy yourself when you need to have fun during the entire process.


The 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee car should be a milestone achievement for Jeep Company especially due to the new features that the car comes with. The review should help you with what to expect when you need to buy the car after its release into the market.

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