2016 Bentley SUV Price, Interior

The 2016 Bentley SUV is due to be released later this year and it is sure to be a hit with car lovers around the world with its classic lines and dedication to Bentley quality. Along with their claims of it being able to attain 200-mph, the newly named Bentayga will offer luxury and performance in this technologically advanced vehicle.

2016 Bentley SUV front

2016 Bentley SUV Release date, Price

The name “Bentayga” came from a rough and rugged peak that is found in the subtropical Canary Islands and is meant to convey all of the different terrains that this luxury SUV will be able to tackle. It still features the classic Bentley details that the company is known for including the front grill and sleek form that the company is well loved for. Even though it has the traditional look, it is no traditional SUV with its choice of powertrain options, including V8, V12, and even a new hybrid setup that will be released within the next few years.

Expected to cost over $200,000, the Bentley Bentayga will be a direct competitor with such offers as the Land Rover Range Rover, the newly announced Rolls Royce option, and the 2016 Jaguar F-Pace. However, many believe that its name and reputation will easily help it to outsell the competition, as more than 4000 have already been preordered in just a few months since its introduction. It will find its place in the luxury market, just as Bentley has for years.

2016 Bentley SUV rear

2016 Bentley SUV Interior

The leather interior of the Bentayga is rich and full of classic Bentley detailing that shows their dedication to offering a quality product. In addition, they have the latest in technology to keep the driver and occupants as comfortable and safe as possible. The rich textures and attention to detail are sure to be what catches the eye and the rest of the senses as you sink into the seats in perfect comfort.

2016 Bentley SUV interior

Classic styling and lines are part of this new edition to the Bentley line that will have amazing performance both on and off the road. From the top to the bottom of this luxury SUV, every detail has been considered to ensure that this is among the highest performing SUVs on the market. Due to be released late in 2015, the Bentley Bentayga will be a luxury performance SUV that will find its place in the iconic Bentley line for sure.

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