Monthly Archives: August 2014

2015 Volkswagen Tiguan

2015 Volkswagen Tiguan Front

New, 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan, comes with few minor changes, although we hoped for something more. German producer decided to add just small refreshments to the look of the Tiguan which is pretty outdated. However looks like Volkswagen has a plan to make the line-up of its SUVs almost the same on the outside. Tiguan recently got new two-bar grill and few other cosmetic changes.

2015 Lexus RX

2015 Lexus RX Front

Since the start of the new generation Lexus RX 350 was a huge success. It became one of the most popular vehicles from its category. 2015 Lexus RX is available in three variations as standard 350 and F sport model, and as a Hybrid. Changes for 2015 include expansion of the list of standard features, and additional optional, as well as some ergonomic improvements.

2015 Land Rover Defender

2015 Land Rover Defender is probably the last year of its production. News about Defender’s end of life saddened everyone. This iconic SUV started its production in 1983, and was known by the name Land Rover 90 and the Land Rover 110, and eight years later, in 1991, it got its famous name Defender. After it was renamed, the Defender continue to carry the number marks 90 and 110 (numbers represented the wheelbase in inches) on its rear end.

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Front

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most popular SUVs around the globe. Prove for its popularity are numerous awards it received throughout the years, since its first appearance, back in 1993. Grand Cherokee is in its fourth generation of production, and although we expected new generation for 2015, Jeep decided to move it one year forward.  2015 model year bring only minor upgrades, after its last year redesign.

2015 Nissan Xterra

2015 Nissan Xterra carries on its trim line-up and comes available in three trim levels: X, S, and PRO-4X. Xterra PRO-4X is special, due to the fact that it is the trim level specialized for off-road drive. Main upgrades for this model year are related to tech features, while some trim levels get some styling cues, too.

2015 Dodge Durango

2015 Dodge Durango Front

After its 2014 redesign, and announced end of production after 2015 model year, 2015 Dodge Durango will hardly be changed much, or at all. It looks great, thank to cosmetic changes made last year, and according to some sources, its 2015 model year change will bring few additional features as part of standard equipment.

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Front

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander has a lot of news for its new model year edition. Changes include both features upgrades, and some styling cues that make a big difference. Competitive segment and crowded category 2015 Outlander competes in, force all car producers, including Mitsubishi, to make constant improvements.

2015 Porsche Macan

Great success of the mid-size SUV Cayenne was the instigator for German producer to expand its SUV line-up. Since the brand is already known for its performance, it is no wonder that its latest creation makes the stunning output and drives like a regular car. Sportier than most SUVs on the market, Macan will reap the sympathies with its handsome look and luxury components.

2015 GMC Acadia

2015 GMC Acadia Front

With three trims, and one engine, 2015 GMC Acadia manages to keep pace with leaders from its category. Minor refreshment made two years ago, done the job for timeless Acadia. Its body lines and overall design is not ultra modern, but it doesn’t diminish Acadia’s attraction. Its bold exterior and refined interior are packed with numerous features.

2015 Chevrolet Equinox

2015 Chevrolet Equinox Front

Chevy’s Equinox is a perfect vehicle in the lineup for the transition between Chevy’s trucks and cars. Although you could find different info about range of changes for 2015 Equinox, even the announcement for new generation, the truth is that new Equinox won’t be changed much for the upcoming model year. Its major makeover will, most likely, happen for 2016th model year, or even a year later.